A healthy cared-for turf is your best defense against WEEDS

DogTuff Grass 2
Zeroscape plastic

Xeriscape is NOT zeroscape

While the photo on the right may look nice, it’s all dead. That is zeroscaping. The soil underneath, the absence of worms, and it is all unsustainable in a high desert location.

Xeriscape gardening is the process of landscaping that massively reduces the need for irrigation. 

For Coloradoans living in the high desert that means saving on water costs and helping the environment. Countless indigenous plants and grasses that are native to the Denver area are both beautiful as well as simple to maintain after establishment. They can survive droughts and show off the natural beauty of their respective region.

The VIsion

I only use plants certified by the botanical society to be indigenous, to be drought-resistant, etc.

Tailor-Made Solutions

You and I will work together to implement a vision of your property being efficient, water-efficient, and beautiful.

Years of Experience

Working in the Denver area for over 10 years, I am very experience with local flora that is not expensive, will weather over for years, and which will make your property very appealing.